Our Wine.

A tradition
of quality

Our Wine.

A tradition
of quality

Culture and

Wine is part of our culture and passion with which, already in the vineyard, we begin the journey made up of respect for traditions, the ability to innovate and attention to quality.

The cultivated vines are Terrano, Vitovska and Malvasia; varieties well suited to karst terrain, loaded with iron oxide and limestone and resistant to the lashing of the bora. Using innovative cultivation techniques, we limit the treatments, obtaining healthy grapes therefore naturally resistant to natural enemies.

A Cellar
of rock

The cellar cured at a constant temperature which was obtained by digging the karst rock underground, thus obtaining an ideal environment, for constant humidity and temperature. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment for the production of our wine.

The Terrano undergoes two different processes, aged in wooden barrels or, hand-destemmed, a carbonic maceration precedes the 'aging in steel barrels.

Vitovska And

The Vitovska , a white grape, is macerated for four days in oak while the Majnik obtained from Vitovska grapes undergoes a shorter maceration and a less intense aging in oak.

The processing of Malvasia takes place exclusively in steel, allocating a part to sparkling wine with the classic method.


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